Hung-Tsung Ko

Founder / Design Director

Hung-Tsung Ko founded SED-IA Design Vietnam in 2019 and is also the founder and design director of the group SED-IA Architecture. His work has been recognized with multiple local and international awards. In the post-pandemic era, Ko continues to uphold the long-term architecture design philosophy where “people and the environment co-exist to build a mutually dependent relationship”, leading the teams to research and create different ways of living that promote a safety and healthy lifestyle.


Peter Yen

General Manager

Mr. Yen has led multidisciplinary design teams in China for over 15 years, particularly in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Yangzhou, and Xi’an, where he worked on wide range of large scale tourism, commercial, hotel apartment projects. He is now based in Vietnam to oversee the planning of several residential and commercial projects.


Cindy Hsu

Project Manager

With a background in urban planning and design, Cindy is a key member of SED-IA Design Vietnam's management team to take leadership in Ho Chi Minh City, pioneering business opportunities in South East Asia. Cindy’s experience in the redevelopment of Taiwan communities and cities has helped the Vietnam team to create inspiring environments on several complex building and residential projects. She received a master's degree in city/urban, community and regional planning from National Cheng Kung University, and obtained the highest examination of certified urban planning technician in Taiwan.


Jane Tran

Administrative Manager

Jane took on the role of administrative manager for SED-IA Vietnam’s operational activities in South East Asia. As one of the key members of SED-IA’s management committee, her work has focused on overseeing the Vietnam team’s domestic finance, treasury, and corporate development functions.

Our People


Jessica Nguyen

Project Designer / Architect


Phan Hanh Vi

Project Designer/ Architect


Bui Kim Ngan



Tran Thi Minh Ha

Project Designer



Project Designer


Vu Thien Phu

Project Landscape Architect