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The Concept of SED-IA

Architecture, an expression of history and civilization, is designed to provide living needs of human beings, characterizes the evolution of technologies and humanities in different eras. The interacting forces of climate change will reshape the design of architecture back to its roots, embracing the nature of our environment.

SED-IA is named to define the concept of architecture in its “imagery” and “physical” forms. “Imagery” conceptualizes architecture design as an illustration of a mutually dependent relationship established between people and the environment, where such a connection renders ecological conversations within space, time, and natural elements. The abstract concept is presented “physically” by built structures, in which our team integrates sustainable design to instill everlasting values.  

We continue to cultivate aesthetic ideals in the spaces we create, featuring an embedded design concept that synthesizes the natural elements wind, light, water, and greenery, relating our creations as part of ecology and architecture history.