SED-IA Design Vietnam has launched our new website

SED-IA Design Vietnam is delighted to announce the launch of our new website! We want to provide our users with an enhanced browsing experience by having a clean new look and simple navigation. At times we might not be able to meet one another amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but by expanding our digital presence SED-IA Design Vietnam want to create a stronger bond with our business partners and the close ones.

Many of us have transformed the way we live and work, turning our homes a makeshift office or working on rotational shift schedules to minimize contact with colleagues and business partners. As we are in the transition to move towards the post-pandemic era, SED-IA's regional teams would like our clients be better prepared for the future. Our goal is to create architecture designs incorporated with a healthy dimension, including the elements, wind, light, water, and greens from nature, that promotes both physical and mental wellness of people.     

For instance, in the office building, we designed a lot more decentralized multifunctional working spaces with improved ventilation to promote air circulation and quality, implemented hands-free technologies, along with other living features of WELL Building Standard such as having antimicrobial material selection for high-touch surfaces. 

<The WELL v2 Concepts and Features>

To learn more about our work, please visit the following sites: 

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